Foodchem 15th anniversary was held on 15th, September 2021.


Today is Foodchem's birthday. We have gone through a 15-year journey since its establishment in 2006. During the past 15 years, Foodchem has grown from a little baby to an energetic and dreamy teenager. During the past 15 years, Foodchem started as a trading company. Now, we have our own independent R&D center, and also our brand-new factory will be officially put into production soon. Everyone needs to find the meaning of their own life, so as for enterprises. Foodchem's mission is to:LET CHINESE FOOD INGREDIENTS POWER THE WORLD FOOD INDUSTRY!

Our journey is the sea of stars. Let us work together to write the better next chapter!
The revolution has not yet succeeded, let us work hard and create a bright future together!